SaveThoseLyrics widget released!

Based on mLyrics, I have improved it to release SaveThoseLyrics, a simple MacOS widget to visualize the lyrics of the current song and save them.

I released it because I used to have Harmonic 1.5.2, but it stopped working when I updated iTunes to iTunes 10. I didn’t find any widget adaptable to my needs so I fixed this very simple widget to automatically update the lyrics.

What is that icon? The Harimaya Bridge (はりまや場師), a special place of Kochi which means a lot to me ^_^

Installation & Instructions for use:

1- Unzip the file and double-click it to install into Dashboard.

2- That’s all, folks! It will search for current song’s lyrics if there isn’t any, and it will show them.  Scroll up/down for large lyrics.


-Checks the current song’s lyrics, searches it, and it saves them if there aren’t any.

-Works with iTunes 10.

Download (172kb)

I have created a permanent section for this widget where you can download the last version and fixes. Enjoy it!


6 Responses to SaveThoseLyrics widget released!

  1. Eckreth says:

    Gran widget!
    Decididamente útil. Felicidades 🙂

  2. Liboh says:

    Mola mucho!
    Enhorabuena!!! 😀

  3. José says:

    Does this widget work in the background? does it fetch lyrics without “calling” the dashboard to the mainscreen?
    Thank you

  4. Fedor says:

    Nice widget, thank for it.

    Unfortunately I have a problem with my “General” music collection. It’s too big (now ~330Gb) for my MacBook. So I store music files and iTunes library files on external network disk. Your widget precisely finds and displays lyrics for “General” collection’s songs, but don’t save lyrics into music files. And there’s no way to manually copy text from widget.

    I also have small “Tryout” collection distributed on MacBook. Your widget works great with it. Finds, Display, Saves!


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