Based on mLyrics, I have improved it to release SaveThoseLyrics, a simple MacOS widget to visualize the lyrics of the current song and save them.

I released it because I used to have Harmonic 1.5.2, but it stopped working when I updated iTunes to iTunes 10. I didn’t find any widget adaptable to my needs so I fixed this very simple widget to automatically update the lyrics.

What is that icon? The Harimaya Bridge (はりまや場師), a special place of Kochi which means a lot to me ^_^

Installation & Instructions for use:

1- Unzip the file and double-click it to install into Dashboard.

2- That’s all, folks! It will search for current song’s lyrics if there isn’t any, and it will show them.  Scroll up/down for large lyrics.


-Checks the current song’s lyrics, searches it, and it saves them if there aren’t any.

-Works with iTunes 10.

Download (172kb)


10 Responses to SaveThoseLyrics

  1. Liboh says:

    Mola!!! Pero quiero más! Un post con screenshots quiza? explicación de cómo usarlo?
    Hazlo (y explícalo) para tontos y llegará lejos.

    • alecdotico says:

      Hecho! y ademas posteado, dejemos que google analytics haga el resto. Además, me he hecho cuenta de desarrollador de Apple y solicitado subirlo a Apple widgets, ¡espero que me lo acepten!

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  3. erebus says:

    excelente aplicación felicidades gran programador y gracias por ofrecerla, saludos desde México

  4. Joseph says:

    This widget is amazing!!! Where it gets the lyrics? It’s far superior from other lyric widgets! Can I donate? 😀
    How come I can’t find the “i” button on this widget?
    Thank you

    • alecdotico says:

      Thanks, but I didn’t develop any “i” button, it’s that simple. I may do it in further versions.
      Lyrics are from (mLyrics)
      I’m glad you enjoy it. Have fun!

  5. Marie says:

    I just luv this!! I am a lyric fanatic. This is so fun and so easy. Thank you for developing it and sharing it.

  6. erebus says:

    It seems to stop working with the last Itunes update 10.2.1., it only shows the lyrics that already exists, but it doesn´t look for new ones, thanks

  7. Mike says:

    Yes, it has stopped working. Nothing new gets downloaded. iTunes 10.4.1. Hope You will fix savethoselyrics is definitely the best 🙂 regards


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